There are well furnished hostel dormitories for boys from Grade I to Grade X. Each student is provided with a cot and a cabinet to keep his belongings separately. The toilets and bathrooms in the hostel are hygienically maintained by the hostel staff. The entire hostel is under the surveillance of CCTV, which is regularly checked by the wardens. The wardens of the hostel are very compassionate and experienced and look after each ward’s welfare.


There is a separate hostel for girl students which is well protected and safe. Each girl student is provided with a separate cot and a cabinet to keep her belongings. The entire hostel is under the surveillance of CCTV, which is regularly checked by the wardens. All the employees of the hostel including cleaning, sweeping and washing are female employees only. There is 24/7 security to the hostel.


A very accommodating dining hall is being constructed. There is a separate dining floor for girl students. The kitchen is equipped with the state of the art technology kitchen equipments and the food is prepared as per the menu decided by the nutritionist taking into the consideration of the requirements of the students’ health and growing age.


The school has a Medical Inspection Room looked after by a well trained and experienced Nurse who takes care of immediate requirement of First Aid services.

Rules & Regulations of Vishwajyothi Hostel

Dear Parents
Season’s greetings from Vishwajyothi family!!!!!
We wish to bring it to your kind notice that you are requested to follow the below mentioned points to ensure the safety and security of your child and to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Parents are requested not to visit the school after the school hours. Permission will not be granted after 4.30pm on working days. 
  • Parents or guardians are not allowed to stay on campus at any circumstances.
  • Parents/Guardians would have to take the permission from the Principal in order to meet their ward.
  • Parents have to sign undertaking letters when sending their child back to school at the beginning of the term.
  • Parents /Guardians are not allowed to enter in their ward’s living room.
  • Parents /Guardians can meet their ward/Students only on second Saturday of each month between 2.00 pm. to 05.00 pm. Visitors are not permitted to stay on campus after 5pm.  
  • Parents/Guardians may contact their child/ward telephonic only on Saturday /Sunday, between 2.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. No phone calls on Monday to Friday.(Phone calls only once in a week).
  • Before any forthcoming examination or school function, leave would not be granted to any student.
  • Students will not be allowed to travel alone. Only on the basis of a written undertaking from the parent would the child be allowed to travel alone.
  • Boarders returning to school after holiday or vacation must return on time and prescribed date. Failing which Rs. 500(five hundred) per day will be levied.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to bring any kind of food to the hostel except Fruits
  • No one will be allowed to meet any hosteller on any working day.
  • Parents are requested not to give any gifts to any teaching or non teaching staff.
  • Students are allowed to contact their parents through letter writing once in a fortnight.
  • All laundry must be clearly marked, including bedspreads, sheets, pillow covers etc.
  • We appreciate if parents don’t send their relatives to the school during the working days.
  • School celebrates birthday of all boarders in the school. Parents are permitted to send only dry fruits.
  • The school reserves the right to change or modify any of the rules and regulations as and when needed. 
Hostel Contact No: 8495998234 (Girls Hostel), 7090082131 School (IV to VIII) & 7353590094 School  (IX to X) Boys Hostel, 7019601626 (Principal).