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     The theme of the Science Exhibition this year was "IGNITED MINDS", which aims at enhancing students' awareness of SCIENCE.   
This exhibition has inspired thousands of students and young people.  It offers students a precious opportunity to showcase their achievement which can motivate them to further their pursuit of scientific knowledge. Teachers and Science Exhibition Preparation Committee made this event an overwhelming success

VIPS Achievments

First Graduation Day – 13.02.2016
Talent and skills are the crops that are nurtured, groomed and given all the possible responsibilities to grow and bloom. Graduation day is the celebration of harvest of this crop. This is much awaited event in every student’s life as it gives the returns to the efforts put in by the students throughout their endeavour.
It’s a day full of joy and accomplishment. It gives a sense of achievement and responsibility towards fulfilling further commitments. It fills the heart with the mixed feelings, fulfilments, sadness, anxiety and eagerness.
Graduation day signifies the culmination of many years of hard work in the relentless pursuit of knowledge that will enable every student to embrace opportunities and take on challenge with clear vision and purpose

VIPS Awards & Rewards

"The hand that gives will receive the twice"
It is a matter of great pride and we feel elated to share about the social responsibility that our school and the management are committed to. To inculcate in the students the great quality of generosity, the school management and the principal proposed for the meaningful celebration of festivals and save the money to donate for the students who are deprived of the luxuries that we are endowed with.
Many parents must have had many questions as to what is the purpose of us giving money and sometimes must have had the doubts regarding the utilization of this money and the contribution. We are extremely delighted to say to all the parents of VIPS to which you are specially associated with “thank you dear parents”, be proud of yourselves and your children. The culmination of that generous act resulted in donating the brand new LCD Projector and a set of speakers to the 5th ward government school, Siruguppa. The school and management is committed to help and support in whichever way possible and also orient the children in the noble act of being generous to needy.
 “None has become poor by giving” – Anne Frank Diary.